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Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
, 5.4 million private jobs created. >>> teaching students to be citizens. first, why sandy should make us ask, what is a disaster anyway? >>> good morning. i'm melissa harris perry coming to you from horockefeller city, the new york city still reeling from the effects of superstorm sandy and her landfall earlier this week. today, 2.5 million people remain without power and at least 40 new yorkers have died in the storms aftermath. almost half of those deaths were in just one of the burroughs that make up the five burroughs of new york, staten island. now, this striking image was captured by an nbc producer and staten island. sandy's wake left the debris in the backyard of john della rosa's severely smashed home. smashed plates mingled with halloween decorations. overwhelmed by the devastation, rocked by the power of the storm, he is left to pick up the pieces of the storm surge which sent more than 8 feet of water into the neighborhood. he is also left to grieve the losses of his next door neighbors, the foundation and stairs are all that remain of the dresh family home. george dresh a
Nov 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
in iowa right now. let's take a listen to him. >> feels good. can everybody please give sandy a big round of applause for the great introduction? and give sandy's son a big round of applause for serving our country. give it up for john mellencamp. it is wonderful to be here. you know, for the last several days, all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms in our lifetime what's been happening on the east coast. and i know i speak for the country when i say our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, people whose lives have been up ended. folks here in iowa know something about flooding. you remember what happened just a few years ago. the recovery process is tough, but when i visited new jersey i told folks there that everybody all across the country feels the same way, we are going to be with people every step of the way down the long hard road of recovery. we're going to help them rebuild. we're going to do it together. that's what americans do. >> so that is president obama. he is there in iowa. i love my president but i can't believe he broke in on the
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
. let's talk about the president talking about sandy and laying out his big domestic accomplishment. >> also talking about. when the president talks about an america for everybody, that's a vision that a lot of different parts of this country can see themselves in. women, veterans, african-american, immigrant, latino, asian. that's part of the strength of his message. the thing that's been so beautiful to me is as tragic as sandy was, it's meant the president has come back to an essential thing. not just his campaign, not just of his presidency but of his life's work which is we're in this together. how do we make sure -- i read something he was saying. everybody has to have a fair shot. the point being, we're able o come back to that mess a.m. i think that's so important. i also think it is part of what -- if you're one of those vote who are have not made up your mind and you're hearing that, you've got to be thinking, you mow what, yeah, that's what i want. i want that optimistic pfuture where everybody has a chance. he's not evil. >> there's something about sort of how the disast
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am PST
weingarten who is dressed in her hoodie sweatshirt because you are out doing work around sandy recovery in the schools. >> satly. we're working -- we have several -- we have hundreds of volunteers today that have come from different cities throughout the united states. ast volunteers to help with community recovery on coney island, the rockaways, and help with staten island. i'm going back in my sweatshirt and garb. thank you for having me this way. >> of course. absolutely. all right. the president is re-elected and stands once again in chicago to accept the presidency once again that the american people have given to him. so i was there that night and, you know, i've got a long history in chicago. my thought is, yes, this is great, this is exciting, and this is the site of the chicago strike. this was the moment where the whole education question came to a head. chicago teachers saying, yes, we can have a longer school day but we've got to have nurses, social workers and activities in the school, not just longer hours in the seat. you have parents supporting them. people saying this i
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
losses caused by sandy, one stands out this week. superstorm sandy wreaked havoc on the ali forney center, the largest organization of its kind serves more than 1,000 highly vulnerable lgbt youth annually with access to showers, beds, hot meals and mental and physical health services. our foot soldier this week, carl siciliano, ali foreany's executive director and founder knows it's a safe place for these kids. he spent the day before the storm preparing for the city-wide shutdown. he directed the youth to emergency storm shelters, he told us "they didn't provide all the services we did but we knew at least they'd be safest there." carl didn't expect the devastation that hit his own cozy but highly functional 1200 square foot center. four days after the storm he was finally able to get inside. and what he found was four feet of water. all of the computers, medical and food supplies were destroyed. the space carl had made an essential escape for the most vulnerable of new york's youth, 90% of whom carl says are young people of color, that space it was deemed uninhabitable. through a simple
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)